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Perpetual Motion/

Movimiento perpetuo

Using a combination of techniques stolen from sci-fi movies, experimental theater, and cooking blogs, Perpetual Motion weaves together English and Spanish, inviting the audience into an intimate experience in an alienated world. Staged in living rooms across the Americas, Perpetual Motion promises sci-fi expositions, gentle audience participation, and a brownie for everyone.

Performed by Paz Pardo

Directed by Enrique Lozano

Both English and Spanish versions available for touring (just two people: director and performer/playwright) to anywhere with living rooms.

Performance history:

February 2018: Reina Ñoña, Austin TX and Washington DC

February-March 2017: Reina Ñoña, Austin TX and Washington DC

September 2016: Brújula al sur international festival, Cali Colombia

October 2015: Brújula al sur international festival, Cali Colombia

January-February 2015: BootStrap Theater Foundation, New York City, New Haven CT and Columbia SC

December 2014: BootStrap Theater Foundation, San Francisco Bay Area CA

June-September 2014: Reina Ñoña, Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 2014: Reina Ñoña, Bogotá and Cali, Colombia

November 2013: Reina Ñoña at Casa Simón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Developed through readings at the Bushwick Starr Reading Series and BootStrap Theater Foundation.

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