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Paz Pardo’s plays include YOU/EMMA (most recently at the Pear Ave Theater in Mountain View, CA), Milton, MI (LTC Carnaval reading 2018, Bay Area Playwrights Festival Finalist 2016, NPC semifinalist 2019), Movimiento Perpetuo/Perpetual Motion, which she has performed in eleven cities in three countries, Duct Tape Girl and Fetish Chick Conquer the World (BootStrap Theater Foundation, NYC), and RubberMatch (RED CARAVAN, NYC; NPC semifinalist 2015). She worked as a dramaturg on the TEAM’s Mission Drift and 600 Highwaymen’s EMPIRE CITY. She and Enrique Lozano are the Grande/Bravo translation team. Her writing has appeared in The Brooklyn Review, Encountering Ensemble, Howlround, and Volume 1 of the I Scream Social Anthology. Djerassi fellow 2019. MFA, UT Austin Michener Center for Writers, 2018. BA, Stanford, 2009. Fulbright Award, Buenos Aires, 2012.



A splintered playwright tries to find a way to tell her story; two wanderers walk away from their memories—or lack thereof; two private investigators search for a missing person in a warehouse of boxes slowly filling with chinchillas. CIERTAS ASTILLAS/CERTAIN SHARDS is a fragmented fable of identity, memory and motherhood, grappling with the family history that was lost when my father emigrated to the US from Argentina and my grandmother’s memory was stolen by Alzheimer’s.

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